Domaine Roger Champault et fils



The Sancerre’s vineyard represents 2 600 hectares and covers medium and high parts of slopes particularly in the vicinity of the town of Sancerre.

The vines grow on the hills dominating the left bank of the Loire (north-west of Nevers).

The vineyard really took off in the XVth century thanks to Augustinian monks from St Satur and Counts of Sancerre.

After the destruction of the vineyard due to phylloxera in the late nineteenth century, the land was replanted with Sauvignon. This grape variety turned out to be particularly adapted to soils and climate, since the white obtained the A.O.C Sancerre in 1936, while red and rosé wines didn't get it in 1959.

Located 9.3 miles east from Bourges, Menetou-Salon’s wine grows on land whose limestone sedimentation dates from the upper Jurassic era.

Menetou-Salon’s label sprawls 450 hectares.

According to old writings, Menetou-Salon’s wine was much appreciated by the great treasurer Jacques Cœur who also acquired the lordship of this village in 1450.

With his own wine union since 1890, Menetou-Salon’s appellation (A.O.C.) has been recognized by decree in 1959 and has developed in the seventies.