Domaine Roger Champault et fils



From the first frosts, winter’s work begins by fertilizer (organic for 20 years). These fertilizers are high quality, maintain and improve microbial activity, essential for the harmonious life of the soil.

At the leaves fall, the vine has completed it reserves and the pruning can begin. This labour long and hard goes from November to March. Vigour and fertility of the vine depends on it. The pruning is done by hand and helps to regulate the production to avoid the vine exhausting. It consists in typing the length and shape of the frame and spreading the buds which will then form the foliage.

The pruning called «Single Guyot» is used on the Sauvignon : it is about to leave on each vine a 7 eyes cane and 2 spurs with 1 eye each.

On the Pinot Noir, we also use the «Cordons de Royat» pruning : the grape is formed of a frame divided in 5 spurs with 2 eyes each. This cutting particularly suits to this variety. It produces smaller  grapes and gives better aeration.

During this period, in the cellar, the fermentation of white wines ends and the first blendings start for each cuvée.