Domaine Roger Champault et fils



In early spring, we have to take particular care of the soil. The soil being a fragile and essential pillar of the vineyard, has always  been respected, kept and cultivated.

The aeration is helped by the labour, the digging and the scraping. It can then play its role of filter, naturally limiting the risk of erosion.

The mechanical effect eliminates the superficial roots of the vine and contributes to a deeper rooting. The vine so draws the essential elements to produce wines with character.

In early april, temperatures rise and the growth’s cycle starts again.

Under good conditions, the growth of vine's branches are optimal, up to 10 cm a day.

It is then time to disbud to improve aeration of vegetation. At this stage, the vine is very susceptible to diseases and frosts and requires a daily attention.

In june, we start trellising : vine's branches of each vines are raised, placed between two threads, and separated from the others with a staple.

Those manual works require a great dexterity. The growth cycle continues with flowering : first, the Pinot noir, then the white Sauvignon.

In the cellar, wines have become clearer ; after analysis and a simple filtration with clay, most of the white cuvées are bottled.
Red wines are ending their malolactic fermentation in vats or barrels and will be racked and then blended.