Domaine Roger Champault et fils



The vineyard is located in an old wine grower's village named Chambetin (later to become Champtin), in the south of the village of Sancerre. There, vines reign on every hill.

Research goes back until François Champault around 1850 then to his son, Stanislas Champault, around 1900.

After the vineyard destruction by the Phylloxera (a vine’s desease which has affected 3/4 of the whole french vineyards, due to an insect that attacks the roots) Louis Champault (nicknamed "Louison") is the only one to take after his father Stanislas.


When he took over the estate, Stanislas has to replant his vineyard in using the rootstock method : graft on american vines (who tolerate the phylloxera), the europeen grape variety.

At that time, the work was done by hand: pruning, clipping, harvest.

The estate covered at that time two hectares. Then, the first tractors appeared. In order to follow this evolution, Louison bought a straddler, suitable for all the vineyard's labour (except pruning). He then made the acquisition of a harvesting bin.

Two of his three sons will follow the steps of their father; the field will be shared between them.