Domaine Roger Champault et fils


First of all, the Roger Champault’s company is a family adventure.
The job requires authentic passion and daily personal investment.
Every day, the wine grower has to compose with the requirements of nature to appropriate his own technical knowledge.Since several generations, the know-how is passed on from father to son. 

Thanks to the efforts that we have been leading for several years, It's with pride that, in 2014, the Domain Champault is being awarded the "High Environmental Value" certificate, HVE.

HVE corresponds to the level 3 of the certification. It is granted to wineries respectful for environment. Indeed, by consuming our wine, you can be as proud as us by putting forward this official certification of the French Ministry of Agriculture.

What is HVE exactly ?

The environmental certification is a voluntary initiative built around the following subjects :

-1- the respect of the biodiversity by practicing natural grass cover in our parcels and by planting and maintaining hedges,

-2- sustainable practices and treatment control,

-3- waste water treatment,

-4- the general wast treatment. 


On labels, a blazon testifies of this longevity.  

The left-hand side of this badge symbolizes the Champault’s domain. This logo is also present on one of the walls of "la maison Pierris", old wine growers' house, restored as formerly.

The other side represents François Perreau's blazon, Lord of Champtin, in the XVIth century, who owned the dovecote, the only existing vestige of this lordship.