Domaine Roger Champault et fils

The Rosé "Pierris"

The Rosé “Pierris”


A salmon pink robe, an expressive bouquet with a set of small red fruits (currants, pomegranate, bilberry …).

    A fresh and fleshy  mouth followed by a pleasant acidity.

To savour in the year following the bottling to completely take advantage of this harmony. 



Appellation / Grape variety : 100 % Sancerre / Pinot noir 

Nature of the ground : Terres Blanches et Terres Rouges.

Wine making : Obtained by the draining of the red grapes through an underpass hopper located in the transport skips. The wine ferments in tanks with a regulated temperature from 14 to 18°C, in order to protect the fragile aromas of the pinot noir. This technique allows to obtain a wine with different expressions than traditional rosé wines.

Harmony with dishes : grilled meats, salads

Total production : 4 000 bottles.